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OVERALL FUNCTIONS: This person works as part of a team that is responsible for the processing and maintenance of FFC’s payment device products and services (e.g., ACH, debit cards, credit cards, maintenance for Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile Deposit). This person is also responsible for providing support to both internal and external customers as it relates to these products and services, while ensuring that excellent customer service is maintained.

QUALIFICATIONS: This person should have an associate’s degree in a business-related field and two years of bank-related experience or the equivalent. This person should have knowledge of banking operations, transaction flows, and risk controls. This person must possess good analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills, and have an aptitude for detail to mitigate risk in all areas of processing. This person must be able to effectively communicate using strong oral and written language skills and must possess excellent computer skills. Knowledge of banking regulations and ACH accreditation is helpful but not required.


1. Process ACH files with accuracy and attention to detail as well as understand how the ACH network operates. Follow ACH rules and regulations to ensure that ACH files are processed and completed within the appropriate timeframes. Respond to research and maintenance requests promptly.

2. Process credit card applications and maintain a solid working relationship with underwriters. Process credit card payments as well as respond to customer inquiries, and research requests promptly and professionally. Work with vendors when appropriate regarding the credit card portfolio.

3. Comply with laws, regulations, and policies that impact the business, keeping the supervisor apprised of potential issues or areas of concern. Assist in identifying critical points of possible failure, and identify options on how to limit exposure to failure. If/when systemic risks are identified, report them in a timely manner to the appropriate person(s).

4. Perform quality checks of all critical, key daily functions within the department. Assist in reviewing, maintaining, and updating department procedures annually, at a minimum. Strengthen team dynamics by participating in cross-training efforts as needed.

5. Provide continuous customer support (via phone, email, or in person) for both internal and external customers as needed or requested. Prepare and provide training for bank personnel when appropriate.

6. Research, investigate, track, and follow all Regulation E rules, demonstrating accuracy, thoroughness, and orderliness in working ACH disputes and ATM/POS disputes. Respond to customers in accordance with Regulation E timeframes. Quality control all disputes for accuracy according to Regulation E.

7. Set up and maintain manual ACH agreements, process Government Reclamations and Death Notifications. Complete Online Banking maintenance and submit interest earned on Savings Bonds redemptions. Effectively work with and use appropriate systems to support the debit card and gift card portfolios.

8. Effectively work with and use appropriate systems to support the debit card and gift card portfolios, including card builds, card orders, maintenance requests, and attention to detail. Work with vendors when appropriate.

9. Contribute to and support Operational programs. Be familiar with and practice the “Be the 1” principles. Actively pursue developmental opportunities as discussed in one-on-ones and/or annual performance reviews.

10. Act in accordance with FFC policies and procedures as set forth in the employee handbook.

11. Adhere to compliance procedures and participate in required compliance training.

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